Liquid Kratom Extract: What you need to know (Maeng Da) October 1, 2018 – Posted in: Kratom Extract Liquid

Liquid Kratom extracts are a relatively new and more powerful liquid concentrated form of Kratom normally formed by boiling crushed or powdered Kratom leaves in grain alcohol to extract the Alkaloids into the liquid as much as possible. This extraction process produces a dark liquid that contains a concentration of the main active ingredients found in Maeng Da Kratom.

In the extraction process, the mixture of plant matter and grain alcohol are boiled – this process requires a large pot, placing the alcohol and Kratom together in a large pot to be boiled.
Boiling the compounds in conjunction with each other results in the Kratom Alkaloids to be extracted by the heat. The Kratom powder is then strained with a thin fabric, preferably cheesecloth, to be separated from the alcohol and placed back into the pot together and boiled until the Kratom is fully extracted and only liquid remains.

End results of this will leave you with a dark brown liquid extract which is an exceedingly potent version of normal Kratom. This process is the standardized way of creating Liquid Kratom Extract and doesn’t always produce desired results as compared to lab grade extracts, however, it will suffice if you don’t mind lower-grade extracts and the harsh taste of alcohol.

Homemade Kratom Extracts are not difficult to make in your home. When you buy Liquid Kratom Extract online, most of the time, you are getting Kratom extracted with high proof alcohol, and are generally low quality, and consists of darker colors. Companies unload cheap Kratom all the time, and you really can’t be 100% sure that the Kratom you receive is safe, especially when it comes to buying cheaper Liquid Extract, made with alcohol that you can make at home.

High-Quality Kratom Liquid Extracts are processed in sanitary, lab-grade environments by experts who have taken their time to experiment with the plant and acquire a more modernized approach to extracting the Alkaloid components in Maeng Da Kratom.

This proprietary process we use ensures that the Kratom Alkaloids are at their maximum potency, with included cleanliness. As with any plant matter extraction process, the point in making Kratom extract is to produce a more refined result, that preserves the alkaloids of the plant matter that can be used in smaller and more potent doses.

The way that we extract our Kratom into the Liquid Kratom Extract, unfortunately, can’t be shared here, as it is our secret. We don’t use alcohol in our extraction process, instead, we use our proprietary method including Food Grade Kosher USP and citric acid, which concludes in a higher quality, clearer and better tasting Liquid Kratom Extract.